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Laser Cutting

Laser cuttingLaser cutting is a modern industrial process in which a high-powered laser is used to rapidly cut and shape metals. The computer-controlled laser causes the targeted areas to vaporise, melt or burn away, leaving a clean finish. Laser cutting is precisely controlled and highly efficient. 
We use a Bystronic 4.4Kw lasers, which are capable of cutting stainless steel up to 12mm in thickness, aluminium up to 6mm and mild steel up to 15mm. Our maximum sheet size is 3000mm x 1500mm.

Laser cutting is a modern industrial process in which high-powered lasers are used to rapidly cut and shape flat sheet metal.
It is a highly precise process with little heat distortion of the sheet parts. Set-up times are low and productivity high when cutting both thick and thin sheets. The resulting cut edges have a high-quality finish.
Demand for laser cutting continues to grow. It offers a significant increase in productivity and efficiency by eliminating the need for finishing, drilling, milling, punching and similar costly operations.
We use the industry-leading laser model. The Bystronic 4.4kw Byspeed laser with a Bytrans Cross automated load unload cell. The machine has a maximum 3000mm x 1500mm sheet size.
Thicker metals take longer to cut, and so have higher costs attached. Below the graph shows the typical relationship between thickness and speed:-
Laser cutting                  Laser cutting
Laser cutting                 Laser cutting
Speed / Thickness
laser cutting
The second graph shows a typical breakdown of project costs, which vary according to the type of metal used:-

 laser cutting
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