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Tom Qualifies

Tom qualifies for the Olympics.
Fantastic news! Tom Illingworth of Malton Laser is in the Olympic Shooting Team for 2012.
Tom is in 3 major finals
      The Home Internationals to be held in Newtown Mid Wales on 15th July 2009

      The European Championships to be held in the Bordeaux area of france on 26th 27th August 2009

      The Olympics in 2012 London

Tom narrowly missed the World championships by just one shot. Undeterred Tom has entered as an individual.  This is to be held in Cape Town, South Africa on 10th to 22nd March 2010

The pressures really on now, Tom says every shoot from now till the games will be observed. Any underperformance will result in been kicked out. Toms Mum and Dad plan to support him at every stage except France

The photos show Tom and the rest of the Qualifying teams

Home International Team 2009
L-R Jack Thompson, Alex Sikorsky, Tom Illingworth, Jack Rowley, James Rowley.

European Team 2009
L-R Jack Thompson, Tomás Atienza (managing Director of Eley Hawk), Alex Sikorsky, Tom Illingworth

The papers held are the schedules and arrangements for what’s coming next.

Good luck Tom from everyone here at Malton Laser.

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